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We feel very strongly about the education and influences of young children so we supply Primary Schools with our unique factual birthday gifts.

These gifts contain information about the traditional sign of the zodiac, global celebrations, famous marriages, births of famous celebrities, sports people and musical artistes.

On the reverse side there are some hit singles in the UK, respecting people who have passed and then news headlines from around the globe with all 366 days of the year covered.

Imagine if a pupil shared their birthday with Winston Churchill, Stephen Hawking or Meryl Streep or if their birthday coincided with the Moon Landings, the Live Aid Concert or Hillary conquering Everest and then if just one item is researched it will be a victory for education.

These novelties are very popular with both children and adults and can easily be researched during the kids summer holidays when preparing for secondary education.

We don't need any individual data, just a list of dates.

Selling them in bulk means we only charge 90p each per birthday date and they also get the facts about the year they were born absolutely free.

All the facts contained within these information sheets have been thoroughly checked so you can rely on their accuracy.

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