We feel very strongly about the education and influences of young children so we supply Primary Schools with our unique factual birthday gifts.

These gifts contains information about the traditional sign of the zodiac, global celebrations, famous marriages, famous births of celebrities, sports people and musicians/singers.

On the reverse side there are some hit singles in the UK, respecting people passing and then news headlines from around the world.

If just one item is researched by every child then it will be a victory as just imagine if you shared your birthday with Churchill, Beethoven or Tom Hanks or on your birthday the Battle of Agincourt was fought, the Live Aid Concert was broadcast or King Henry VIII married Anne Boleyn.

These are so popular and are directed at Primary School leavers to research in their summer holidays and we sell them in bulk for only 90p each with another ten free for teacher's.

We do not need any private data of the child, only a list of dates.



07505 173569

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