Do you want to sell my unique birthday products in your establishment like other outlets are successfully doing?

There are two ways that you can do this.

1. You can purchase any products in bulk at a 90% discounted price of the recommended retail selling price.

2. You can sell on a sale and return basis for a set length of time agreed and at a beneficial sales percentage for yourself.

So if you want to attract different customers to your establishment then call me today on 07505 173569.


I supply forty question quizzes of different varieties for pubs up and down the country on a regular basis for two great reasons.

They are tried and tested to appeal to all quizzers and they are less than £1.00 each when taking up an annual membership scheme highlighted on the homepage so call me today on 07505 173569.


There's even a deal for you and I guarantee great results if you are a regular seller.



07505 173569

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